Commercial Cleaning Services

Each time a new prospect or client walks into your business, you are making an immediate first impression, whether good or bad. So what does your space saying about you?

Where We Clean

Professional Offices

Heather’s Home Works cleans some of the top local businesses in the area. We have extensive experience cleaning accounting offices, law offices, real estate offices, and other professional workspaces. We’ll make the environment a place you can be proud to come to work each day.

Community Buildings

We service a wide variety of community clubhouses, pool houses, banquet facilities, and Houses of Worship. Our services can be scheduled on a year-round basis, or on a ‘seasonal only’ basis as needed.


While we do not service big box or warehouse stores, we continue to support our community by cleaning small local businesses that include boutiques & shops, salons & spas, as well as showrooms and model homes.

Our goal is to provide a service that is complementary to your lifestyle, by reducing your workload at home, relieving stress and giving you time to rest and relax.

The Importance of a Professionally Cleaned Office

Regular professional cleaning isn’t just beneficial for your customers and your reputation, it is vital for your employees as well. Did you know that studies show 72% of Americans go to work when they are sick? Having our team regularly clean and sanitize your place of business means that you, your staff, and your customers will be safer, healthier, and more productive.

When you hire Heather’s Home Works to care for your property, it means you can be sure to shine in your customer’s eyes every time.

Here’s What Business Owners Are Saying About Us

“Very nice ladies that do a wonderful job! 🙂 “

Melsons Funeral Homes

“We appreciate all your service offers and does for Delaware Mentor. Please let Sue know she does an excellent job and everyone has nothing but excellent things to say concerning her. Thank you all”

The Mentor Network

“I’ve had 2 cleaning so far and am happy with the service. Logan and Sue are excellent in their communication with me.”

The Pearl Clinic