Frequently Asked Questions

Heather’s Home Works in Dagsboro, DE, has detailed answers to common questions about our cleaning services. If you have other inquiries not answered below or you need clarifications, feel free to contact us via call or email.

faq cleaning

We use an all-natural, pH-neutral, all-purpose cleaner concentrate mixed with hot water and apply it using a microfiber mop. This is safe for LVP, wood, marble, tile, laminate, and other floor types. This is a germicidal cleaner as well, so it disinfects surfaces.

For deep cleaning or first-time cleaning, we usually send 2-3 people due to our increased work hours. For your next appointments, we’ll send one designated cleaning professional who knows your home better than anyone! If the person is not available, we will brief a stand-in cleaning professional about the particulars of your home.

We typically perform in-person estimates for all of our prospective clients to provide the most accurate pricing possible. Although many homes have the same model or layout, everyone uses their home differently. We want to make sure we account for the proper amount of time for the cleaning professional to provide the best results possible.

We provide everything—even the vacuum and mop! The cleaning agents we use are the most trusted products on the market. We’ll take into account your sensitivities as well. That’s why all of our cleaning agents are lightly scented and properly diluted in order to prevent respiratory irritation and make them safe for your home.

If there’s something you would prefer or are sensitive to, you can inform the estimator of your specifications. We’ll provide a liability waiver authorizing us to use your most loved products.

Not at all! You can if that’s what you prefer. Otherwise, you can entrust your keys and alarm codes to us. Rest assured that all your information is kept secure and only visible to the person cleaning your home.

We’ll provide reminders to you through the channel of your choice (email, text, or call) at the frequency that works best for you. By default, you will receive an email 1 week in advance and a text 2 days prior. Notification preferences are easily editable on your customer portal. We can even let you know when we are on our way, starting the job, and close to completion. All notifications are provided in a 2-hour time frame.

We ask that you pick up and move furniture and appliances as much as possible so the cleaning professionals can maximize their time cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

You may contact our office at least 48 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Tipping is neither required nor expected but always appreciated. If you do choose to leave a tip, cash is preferred. You can also tip by card via your scorecard email/text. An occasional note to the team, when you’re impressed by our service, would mean a lot. Also, we pay our cleaning team bonuses based on your feedback, so please look out for our email with a one-question survey a day after the cleaning.

No. We clean slider doors and spot clean pesky handprints or pet prints. We recommend contacting a local trusted company for all window cleaning needs.

No, but we vacuum them. We recommend contacting a different company for your carpet cleaning needs. Typically, carpet cleaning should be done AFTER home cleaning.